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About Us

Our Mission

Serving survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation by restoring their identity, confidence and peace through the love of Jesus Christ

We provide financial, emotional and spiritual support for female survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation by providing:

  • Restoration Baskets

  • Freedom Parties

  • Milestone Gifts

Waterside Women
Our Mission

Our Founder

Taylor Smith is passionate about seeing survivors of sexual exploitation set free! She received the vision of Restored From Within while serving the most incredible survivors at an anti-trafficking organization in Atlanta. Also, while rescuing women out of the sex trade in the Philippines in 2018, she was deeply impacted by the injustices that she witnessed there. She had to do more! 


She has combined her love of helping women reach their full potential with her Bachelor's degree in Psychology to help impact lives. Through years of serving at various organizations such as Girls Inc., Girls Scouts, etc. she has learned the power of women coming together for a cause.

We Need Your Support Today!


Why It Matters

Research, that predominantly focused on adult women, has shown that supportive relationships are a key factor in helping women exit “the Life” or the sex trade.


Many women who are ready to leave turn to rehabilitation centers or safe homes for safety. However, these courageous women need more than just their basic needs met to commit to their new life of recovery. 


Restored From Within steps in to provide the missing piece of the puzzle to help each survivor reach true freedom. 





Esteem Needs



Safety Needs

Physiological Needs

Love & Belonging Needs

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